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So many emotions!!!!

"...whom shall I fear, when You're right here beside me

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Kill me NOW!!!!

I knew i shouldn't have praised it for serving me well this year.

HUH!?! does those exclamation mark even come close to how i feel.

Seriously i had planned to blog lovely past happnings, had the pictures downloaded to the laptop ...and now....it wants me to reboot it. All i know if i reboot it I will loose all my data. SIGH!!!!!! what am i left with.


This is so frustrating. I don't have copies of my cherrish moments .... that's it. I despise technology. hmmm that sounds wrong. I do not despise technology, just my laptop.

AAARRghhhhh !!!

go figure my prob ....sheeeesh

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Boss is Away ...

Last night and all the other times was great, we party and groove, snapping pictures between breaks and when no one was looking, eating donuts under the bench, trying to eat a whole jam-filled donut without licking our lips, endless supply of mocha, hot choc, water and diet coke ...

My family at work, eventhough most of them are young, but it's the young ones that make work bareable, entertaining, helps me look fwd too ... apart from the pay

This are the many few events we've worked at this year... commonwealth, afl footy, soccer, rugby, australian idol, grand prix motor races at phillip island, caravan and camping show, melbourne show grounds, spring carnival (races), U2 and Robbie Williams (coming soon)... we've camped, partied, travelled, played games, gone on rides, had lovely little chit chats, massages, shoulder to cry on, hugs and lots more ...

U Guys Rock!!!

For Ju

Mum? Can i have a swimming pool ? hey!! What are you looking at? I know i'm cute and all ....

I used to have so much fun bathing (more like playing with water) in this :D

Ju... got get your daughter a bigger pail :P

Oh Yeah... looks like i didn't have a rubber duck

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Qulaified First Aider

Wooo Hooo!!!

I'm a qualified first aider.

For the past 2 days i've been attending a first aid course, part of the requirements for working here. The first day was good but long. It got worst after lunch as we were all so sleepy. I have proof in my work book, I couldn't even write a proper word. You know how it is when you're sleepy but trying your level best to stay awake. To stay awake, you write. But then you and i both know that is not happening, coz' what ever you write is no longer readable; simply scribbles.

Second day went quickly, before you know it; me and my hunny were being assessed. The dolls that were used were just awesome, they look so life like apart from being armless and legless. Here are a couple of pic...

Lunch with RELATIVES

Relative from residing in NZ are down ... and ... I have to go introduce myself. Aunt cooked one of my fav dish -Mutton Curry (mmm ... I still have some in my fridge mmm...might have that for lunch).

Anyway, met the relatives, my grand-aunt who calls herself rollie-pollie (Aunty Seeva's younger sister) is the opposite of my grandma; she's so jovial.

By the end of the day, we were laughing about the old days ... i felt a bit excluded, didn't know them in those days. However, it was really nice to watch them (my relatives). I have grown to love and apprectiate the importance of family/s. I want to be able to grow old one day, chatting and laughing about the old days, the good times and bad times, to know that I'll always have someone to go too / vice versa. .....