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So many emotions!!!!

"...whom shall I fear, when You're right here beside me

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Giant? ? ?

One of the little girl (2 and a half y.o.) from my room was having a conversation with her bro (4 n a bit) n his friend in the toilet. Just thought i should add the age so we r all on the same page :D
*names changed*

Tanya: This is my brother's penis (John, just stands there modeling it to his friends while his sister speaks) and this is my giant (she lifts up her dress and points to her vagina, which is probably what she meant to say)
Tanya: I'm a girl, and girls have giant, and Boys don't have giant they have penis.

Isn't she just a confident little thing ... going off like that. As a teacher u sometimes don't really know what to do in such situations.

Monday, March 26, 2007


One of the many things Melbourne is known for is its performing arts.

Over the weekend I had the chance to watch Miss Saigon with a group of friends. It's not often easy to find a buddy who is as enthusiastic in musicals as I am. Trust me! I usually watch alone, not that i mind, but it's just so much fun when you're watching with someone you know. How did i managed to get a group ...hehehehe someone pulled out in the last minute, my friend managed to sell that tix of to me and I didn't have to go and watch it alone.

How would i rate Miss Saigon, hmmm, eerrrnnmmm, I can't just say it was O kay, coz it was way better than O kay. It won't say it was fantastic ...well one character was just absolutely fantastic and i can't remember his name. Anyway, apparently a keen enthusiast mentioned it was different from the last time she saw it (this being the 2nd time she has watched it, first time was at another state). So, my conclusion for this play, I would like to watch it again but in a different country, by a different cast.

Since coming here, I've watched the producers, swan lake on ice, mama mia, miss saigon, the mikado n one more can't remember. Can't wait to watch swan lake ballet, phantom of the opera, and the nutcracker.

Okay what else happened on the weekend, Go read Shannon's blog. We had a chocolate weekend...it was sooooooo good, wish i wasn't broke coz i would have definitely bought myself yummy chocs :) unfortunately....Shannon said NO :( i don't need more chocolates in my life ....:(
bbbuuutttt it was sooo good :(


Thursday, March 15, 2007


What're your favorite chocolates?

I'm not a BIG fan of chocolates, but i'll eat them. Just not crazily-craving for them.

Last year i realized i absolutely loved cheap chocolates; first being ferrero Roche, followed by snickers, and lastly Lindt Balls (Mocha bell) mmmm yumm!!!!

Which do you prefer .... milk choc, white choc or dark choc?
I prefer dark choc ...good for the heart i tell myself :D

*went for a jog at the beach, it was so beautiful. Just smelling the sea air is just divine.
Yesterday I went around the park, Wah! the smell of trees, reminds me of camping, jungle trekking...etc.

Don't u just love the smell of trees. I absolutely love how they smell so green :) mmmmm
Do u ever find yourself just stopping to smell the air when u walk through the park/jungle/hills whenever u're just surrounded by trees. It's so relaxing.


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Life Unfolding

So many things have happen since i last posted, don't know where to start.

Current news(on a sad note) : Dad is currently not well ... have/had heart attack
Current news(happy note): Will be applying for my PR ...N I MUST SAY God has been so
good a merciful, can't have survived the last few months without
His grace n mercy, and not to forget His ever faithful guidance.

Old news: Hard Drive was having its own failure and a faithful friend bought me an external hard
drive. Thanks Mate! i really appreciate it
: I've been offered a full time position as a kinder/pre-school teacher in a childcare
center. The location of the center is even better, it's located midway between the city
and the beach. It's a 20min tram ride to the city but a 5 min walk to the beach. How
sweat is that. So far, my colleagues and directors are really supportive, which is
something i really wanted.

*My 'kids' are so cute/adorable. They are 2 and a half year olds and are absolutely gorgeous.