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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Life Unfolding

So many things have happen since i last posted, don't know where to start.

Current news(on a sad note) : Dad is currently not well ... have/had heart attack
Current news(happy note): Will be applying for my PR ...N I MUST SAY God has been so
good a merciful, can't have survived the last few months without
His grace n mercy, and not to forget His ever faithful guidance.

Old news: Hard Drive was having its own failure and a faithful friend bought me an external hard
drive. Thanks Mate! i really appreciate it
: I've been offered a full time position as a kinder/pre-school teacher in a childcare
center. The location of the center is even better, it's located midway between the city
and the beach. It's a 20min tram ride to the city but a 5 min walk to the beach. How
sweat is that. So far, my colleagues and directors are really supportive, which is
something i really wanted.

*My 'kids' are so cute/adorable. They are 2 and a half year olds and are absolutely gorgeous.



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