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So many emotions!!!!

"...whom shall I fear, when You're right here beside me

Saturday, September 24, 2005

over due ... fondue pictures

For my birthday this year, my cell group decided to throw me a fondue party. Sorry people i know my birthday has passed but i just downloaded the pics, so pls bare with me :D

Anyway Eileen and Weng yan prepared the food, not forgetting that eileen made the tiramisu cake ... yes i did get tiramisu ... and it was delicious ...YUM!!!

all the peeps above are my cell mate except for one ... the guy in black that looks a bit like Jon.

My uni gals aren't there as i haven't received any photos from them of us ...

Anyway that was my home party.

Knowing me i didn't just have 1 but 2 birthday session. The second was on a smaller scale, just the 5 of us. We decided ooops actually it's more like I wanted to go to this place call joe's garage. The food was heavenly, wei yei has been there and she loved it :D

pic 1: tandoori pizza with mango slices
pic2: Lamb shanks on mash sweet potato (excellent)
pic3: Veal Scallopini on mash potato and beet
pic4: Trampoline for ice cream

These were some of the things we (jason, leong hui, weng yan, eileen and I) had.

anyway, will upload more photos when i'm free.

Monday, September 05, 2005

So unreal

What's unreal???

Receiving a call at 6:30pm on a sat from Justin inquiring if i was free.
Me: Depends, what's up? (in my mind, i really need to finish this essay)

Just: hey, i'm just going to go straight to the point
me: uh huh?? (hmm wonder what he wants)

Just: My friend ... needs a favour, she's suppose to go to Lion King tonight but can't make it. Would u be interested in going?
me: mmmmm (but i'm going at the end of the year with my aunt)

Just: She is desperate, she's selling the ticket at half price
me: oh (half price, ooohhh!!! wonder if there is more than 1 tix, than eileen can come along)

me: how many tickets are up?
Just: only 1.
me: mmmmmm
Just: she's really desperate

me: i'm quite interested (Hang the essay, will do it tomorrow)

I can't believe i managed to go watch lion king, It was really good but i wasn't raving about it when i got home. Reason being ... could be many reasons ... anyway, the show was excellent, won't mind going again if i can get tickets. Tickets are sold out till Jan, and the ticket i got was bought 2 months ago. So, as i was saying .... so unreal!!!

Thank you Lord for blessing me as i really didn't expect to go sometime this year as my aunt hasn't managed to get any tickets yet.

Thank you Lord :)

Thursday, September 01, 2005

First day of spring

I can't believe it's spring already ... how fast was that.

Winter this year wasn't that cold, i mean there were days that was just freezing my fingers and pants off. Spring as i remeber from last year was windy and wet ... so far this year, it's just been windy. What's with a little bit of wind? Man the wind here is mad, MAD i say. Was walking and the wind practically carried me off with it - practically flew from one end to the other.

Don't get me wrong ... i didn't loose weight, i'm not any lighter ... the wind is just freakin strong.

mmmm :) if siew leng was here she will be in the air ... kekekek flying and screamin for 'help' :) shhhh don't tell her.