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Thursday, March 15, 2007


What're your favorite chocolates?

I'm not a BIG fan of chocolates, but i'll eat them. Just not crazily-craving for them.

Last year i realized i absolutely loved cheap chocolates; first being ferrero Roche, followed by snickers, and lastly Lindt Balls (Mocha bell) mmmm yumm!!!!

Which do you prefer .... milk choc, white choc or dark choc?
I prefer dark choc ...good for the heart i tell myself :D

*went for a jog at the beach, it was so beautiful. Just smelling the sea air is just divine.
Yesterday I went around the park, Wah! the smell of trees, reminds me of camping, jungle trekking...etc.

Don't u just love the smell of trees. I absolutely love how they smell so green :) mmmmm
Do u ever find yourself just stopping to smell the air when u walk through the park/jungle/hills whenever u're just surrounded by trees. It's so relaxing.



Blogger wei yei said...

yum, yum....I love milk choc, especially Rum & Raisins from Ritters.

3:37 PM  
Blogger TiaMaria said...

oh yes!!! they r really good. My wife introduced them to me, now every time i catch up with her she has one just for me. I feel so special :D

9:48 PM  
Blogger Jyan Chin said...

Somebody's back to bloggin...

Hi2u sis...

Hope u get ur PR without too much of a hassle

3:36 AM  

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