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So many emotions!!!!

"...whom shall I fear, when You're right here beside me

Sunday, July 30, 2006

New addition to the Chin clan

This adorable thing waltz into the arms/safe comfort of the Chin-family home 3 days ago. Her name bulat, hence the shape I’m presuming. At first site all-the-way-from-here I’ve fallen in love with this little fur ball.

Apparently or so I’ve heard, this little ball ....

- Is round and furry like bunny slippers
- Has a fascination for toes as she loves nibbling on them
- Has got a determined spirit just like the wanna-be owner

All those who wants to have a cuddle with this adorable thing, can do so by proceding to Chun Hoo's pad with a little gift for ‘bulat’.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Michaels Arrival

The poor thing arrived today to a home of No Tiara. Thank God for house mates, who greeted him.
After a long day, i finally arrive home to 2 housemates who bombard me with many to what race is Michael. If only u knew his surname, u'd wonder too. Drieberg, what kind of surname is that, Chinese, Indian, Dutch, Scottish, Irish ???? who knows.

When I told them that he was a mix of many race, the question that came after that was 'Is he good looking?'. HAha don't look at me, i didnt say anything. But the minute he got home, 2 girls came running out of their rooms. The pooor things. hahhahah I didnt say anything . Honestly!!!

Took Mic out for dinner. Took him for Chinese. He even made a remark, 'come all the way to Aus to eat Viet and Chinese' the fellow at Viet for lunch. But he did comment that the food was good.
His other remark was, 'why are there so many couples in Aus'. First signs of missing his fiance Ai Yoon. LOL the poor thing. He even started singing 'lonely, i am so lonely' Finally got that song out of my head, only to have him remind me of it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Random thoughts

Last few weeks i've been enjoying myself, by doing absolutely nothing eventful nor purposeful.

Been bumming around having my own gilmore girls marathon, shopping, eating out, lazing in bed till noon, catching up on my reads.

Alas, all this will come to an end in a few days time.

Uni & Placement commences at the same time, a friend in need arrives. What will i do with him, while i'm on prac. I sure hope he knows how to entertain himself :P
I sure hope i survive.

What have accomplished in this holiday????

Think think think, ponder ponder ponder.

I've stopped snacking as much, started baking, picked my cross-stich (hmm that doesn't sound right), tapping away my fats; though i higly doubt its leaving me as fast as i've welcomed it on.

M 3kgs away from my desired weight, which i had planned to lose or should have lost by this time. That sucks.

Just learnt that Mr. Chin official new name is papaya chin. I wonder how he got it, what predicament this he get himself into.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Life is more tragic than orderly

Viewing/looking at life from a realistic gaze can be rather grim and depressing.
Eventhough there are many good things that happen, we should not only focus on the bad things or totally blind our eyes to the bad things that occur thus deny reality.
We don't have to become preoccupied with the sad things by constantly thinking about them,
but we do have to accept them.

Denial is often the best option, avoiding negative feelings, numbing our emotions. It all seems so good. So easy to not think about the hurt and pain. Mastering the art .... is crucial for saurvival.

What am i talking about ....

'ability to accept life'

A balance view of life is essential if we are to live effectively