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So many emotions!!!!

"...whom shall I fear, when You're right here beside me

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lydia in Melbourne

Spent some time over dinner and a nice mug of chocolate catching up with Lydia. It's always so noce to have someone from home visit you ....:) smiling blissfully. Isn't she just adorable

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Been sick the last 4 days.

During the day i feel like i'm getting better, but night comes and it starts all over again.

Fever, Nose blocked, throat sore from coughing, so sleepy (procasinating -got assignments to do)

:( :( not happy

:) looking forward to porridge, my darling cell leader is cooking me porridge after countless time of telling her, no Leny u dont need too, but her insistent has worn me out. So yes!!! i'm looking fwd to having porridge.

Why don't i go to the doctor? Why waste my time. It's spring, it's the season when every other person is sick. Blagh!!!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The origins of our Anthem

Hey to all who are interested to know/hear the origins of our beloved anthem - check this website out and scroll down to Mamula Moon


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Altered Frequency

(David, Agnel, Andy, ME, Kaysen, Daniel)
Wait STOP!!! don't start reading just yet, scroll down to Updates and start from there.

Altered Frequency a Malaysian band came to launch their first album in Australia. The album is not relatively new, as it was launched 2 years ago. Initially, I had planned to not go for this event as it was ONLY a band from Malaysia.

The catch: there was a catch. FREE food/dinner right after the service just for International students. Seeing that Mich and I were broke and was drawn in by the word FREE FOOD. How can anyone resist FREE FOOD. Especially when Leny, my cell leader was cooking/heading that event. So yes, with our heads hanging low we decided to go for it. Just before the event, Leny needed help in the kitchen. An excellent oppotunity to involve Mich in. Well he has met a few of them so he wasn't a total stranger. The only way to get comfortable in a church in to get involve, which is basically what i forced Mich into doing :)

Later on, when everything was done in the kitchen. I decided to head down to the service for prayer. That's when i had a glance at the band. The weird thing is i recognised one member, but walked away. From a safe distance i took a second look. By god!!!! guess what. I knew every single member. So weird. It was Agnel, Daniel, Kaysen, David and Andy the peeps i befriended when Huge was held at Melaka. Though i did know Agnel way before that. I can't believe they still recognised me. I ran up to them excitedly and greeted them like an excited school kid who just received a present. Daniel later told me that when he saw me, he had told the rest, hey that's the Malaysian girl. But it's all good now, Agnel remembered my name before i could response. It's Tiara. It's been awhile since anyone has called me that. Memories

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The next happenings in my quiet life was a surprise cake to all july/aug babies, by my church cell members. I am really lucky to be blass with such members in my current cell group which i have been attending for over a year and which i host in my home every alternate wed.

Why am i lucky??

As all the guys have mentioned, this cell group really knows how to feed their members. Yes, we the gals certainly know how to lure in the crowd with the expertise of our hands and sweet sweet smile. The amazing thing about God is, He has blessed me with a fantastic place which is spacious enough and near enough to the Uni for me to host cell. Every week we have minimum 22 members and half of them would be members-who-come-on regularly. Our group just multipled, the week after that we had 12 people. I thought that was fantastic as now we could all bond and really get to know the other better. The following week, we had 16 members and so did our multipled half. How great is God.

This special day we our cell had the luxury to enjoy home-made red bean soup and cake.


It's been awhile since i posted my happenings. Been putting it off as i wanted bulat to always be the first thing everyone saw. Alrite quick update.

Danielle's 21 (ex-cell leader)

D had 21 guest for her 21st birthday. We went for a cruise on the Yarra river - the florence on the Yarra. It was lovely to catch-up with all my ex-cell memebers from uni.