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So many emotions!!!!

"...whom shall I fear, when You're right here beside me

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Crazy Friday

Hahahaah!!!! I’m finally home, yes my 2nd home.

Sorry guys it’s going to be a bit back dated.

Fri: I was not ready to leave KL, I mean I was but I hadn’t finished saying my good byes and here I was running around KL looking for a photo album. Photo album was not for me mind you, but I still did it, happily forgetting that the clock was ticking. When I finally left Times Square mum said “u have to go and say good bye to your grandma” my usual response would be “oh man!!!” surprisingly I said “Okay”. Lah dee da dee dah time was still ticking. Ate my favorite mee hoon and curry puffs, and was on my way home. Something inside me said, you better hurry or you’ll be late. No lah I said to myself, there’s plenty of time.

5 o’clock came, hmmm I should leave now, got the bags and headed for the car. Left the premises at 5:30 and man the traffic was bad. I was frustrated yet calm, no frustrated no calm, was basically trying to be both. When I arrived at KL central, I was desperately praying that my luggage would go through at 30kg as I knew I had 28kg. Apparently as of Jan 26, 2006, MAS had reduced its “additional” baggage weight for students which were 30kg to 20kg, that’s a whole 10 kg’s. So here I’m praying away, arrived safely 20min to 7:30 weighed the bags and lo’ and behold I had 34.4 kg all together. Oh man I said to myself, how am I going to get rid of 14 kg’s. I looked at the lady and she said oh you’re 4 kg’s over can u remove it. Wah!!! I was jumping for joy on the inside, on the outside I was wondering ‘what can I remove that is 4 kg’s. Managed to remove 2 and she let me through. I walked off happily only to realize I had not locked my bags and the padlock was in my hands. “CLEVER” with a capital C. That was for me, I felt like kicking myself. If I didn’t have my head screwed on, I won’t be surprise to have left it behind. Anyway, nothing could be done.

The time is now 7:30, there is no way I’m going to make it to Mid Valley to meet Shannon for dinner. Initially he told me he was not free, and later he decided to surprise me by showing up, I felt so sad that I couldn’t meet up, the traffic outside was so bad, I had to leave Central at 8 the latest, as check in time was 8:45. Shannon said he would come over to central. Time was passing so quickly, I was so tensed that even Starbucks coffee was not strong enough to calm my nerves. Chun Hoo the other donkey was late, and he had to pass me the wedding photos. My head was going to explode, I was so tensed.

Finally in the last few minutes they both showed up. Poor things, Shannon was waiting for the train and Chun Hoo couldn’t leave work early as his Boss wouldn’t let him. I was so happy that I wished I had another just to calm my nerves. We said our good byes. Hopped on the train and was off to the airport. Man the train is sooo nice, sooo fancy, soooo fast.

Arrived at the airport at 8:30 had 15 mins to run to my gate. Everyone knows KLIA airport is huge, I was just worried I wouldn’t make it to the international side in time. When I passed the security I realized I didn’t even need to cross over in the monorail as my flight was departing from the main building. When I got to my gate, I found that the gate was changed and I had to walk to the other end of the building. Oh man, here I was running and asking myself why do I always come in late, see lah stressing myself for no reason.

Anyway got to the gate got into the plane, was too stressed and tensed to even think about being sad. Found my seat, made myself comfortable, had a packet of sweets in my hand ready to fly. Waited and waited and waited hmmmm!!! “Ladies and Gentleman our flight is going to be delayed will inform you …..” deng!!! I said. My flight was set to fly off at 9:30, it eventually took off at 11pm. I could have gone for cell group.

I must say, I had a really good flight, the pilot was good, his landing was excellent.

Ok that’s all for now, gtg grocery shopping, …..