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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Giant? ? ?

One of the little girl (2 and a half y.o.) from my room was having a conversation with her bro (4 n a bit) n his friend in the toilet. Just thought i should add the age so we r all on the same page :D
*names changed*

Tanya: This is my brother's penis (John, just stands there modeling it to his friends while his sister speaks) and this is my giant (she lifts up her dress and points to her vagina, which is probably what she meant to say)
Tanya: I'm a girl, and girls have giant, and Boys don't have giant they have penis.

Isn't she just a confident little thing ... going off like that. As a teacher u sometimes don't really know what to do in such situations.


Blogger Teck Wee said...

whahahaha....why now day all yours blog MOSTLY about Penis and Vagina...!

If I am at your situation, I will quickly go to the girl side and make her put down her skirt and explain.... of cause, explain the true name of her `Giant`....

4:57 PM  

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