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Thursday, August 10, 2006

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The next happenings in my quiet life was a surprise cake to all july/aug babies, by my church cell members. I am really lucky to be blass with such members in my current cell group which i have been attending for over a year and which i host in my home every alternate wed.

Why am i lucky??

As all the guys have mentioned, this cell group really knows how to feed their members. Yes, we the gals certainly know how to lure in the crowd with the expertise of our hands and sweet sweet smile. The amazing thing about God is, He has blessed me with a fantastic place which is spacious enough and near enough to the Uni for me to host cell. Every week we have minimum 22 members and half of them would be members-who-come-on regularly. Our group just multipled, the week after that we had 12 people. I thought that was fantastic as now we could all bond and really get to know the other better. The following week, we had 16 members and so did our multipled half. How great is God.

This special day we our cell had the luxury to enjoy home-made red bean soup and cake.


Blogger Jyan Chin said...

Hallelujah! Great to see God has blessed your ministry :D

6:35 PM  

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