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Monday, September 05, 2005

So unreal

What's unreal???

Receiving a call at 6:30pm on a sat from Justin inquiring if i was free.
Me: Depends, what's up? (in my mind, i really need to finish this essay)

Just: hey, i'm just going to go straight to the point
me: uh huh?? (hmm wonder what he wants)

Just: My friend ... needs a favour, she's suppose to go to Lion King tonight but can't make it. Would u be interested in going?
me: mmmmm (but i'm going at the end of the year with my aunt)

Just: She is desperate, she's selling the ticket at half price
me: oh (half price, ooohhh!!! wonder if there is more than 1 tix, than eileen can come along)

me: how many tickets are up?
Just: only 1.
me: mmmmmm
Just: she's really desperate

me: i'm quite interested (Hang the essay, will do it tomorrow)

I can't believe i managed to go watch lion king, It was really good but i wasn't raving about it when i got home. Reason being ... could be many reasons ... anyway, the show was excellent, won't mind going again if i can get tickets. Tickets are sold out till Jan, and the ticket i got was bought 2 months ago. So, as i was saying .... so unreal!!!

Thank you Lord for blessing me as i really didn't expect to go sometime this year as my aunt hasn't managed to get any tickets yet.

Thank you Lord :)


Blogger wei yei said...

Wah! So that's one item struck off your wish list leh! Next...shopping in Hong Kong? Our God is an awesome God!

1:25 PM  
Blogger WanZ said...

*turned green in jealousy*

1:58 PM  

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