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Monday, July 24, 2006

Michaels Arrival

The poor thing arrived today to a home of No Tiara. Thank God for house mates, who greeted him.
After a long day, i finally arrive home to 2 housemates who bombard me with many to what race is Michael. If only u knew his surname, u'd wonder too. Drieberg, what kind of surname is that, Chinese, Indian, Dutch, Scottish, Irish ???? who knows.

When I told them that he was a mix of many race, the question that came after that was 'Is he good looking?'. HAha don't look at me, i didnt say anything. But the minute he got home, 2 girls came running out of their rooms. The pooor things. hahhahah I didnt say anything . Honestly!!!

Took Mic out for dinner. Took him for Chinese. He even made a remark, 'come all the way to Aus to eat Viet and Chinese' the fellow at Viet for lunch. But he did comment that the food was good.
His other remark was, 'why are there so many couples in Aus'. First signs of missing his fiance Ai Yoon. LOL the poor thing. He even started singing 'lonely, i am so lonely' Finally got that song out of my head, only to have him remind me of it.


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