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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

2 degrees

Leaving home for work at 7am was no easy task.

It was freezing cold outside, my fingers were numb, wind was chilly ....
It reminded me of KK. BUT there is a difference, in KK was wrapped/bundled up nice and tight, wearing multiple layers on the top and bottom. Apparently it was 2 degrees when i was up there, but after yesterday i doubt it

Yesterday, I only had 2 layers on, no gloves, no beanie, no tights and it was 2 degrees.
The clever possum didn't expect it to be so cold, brrrrr

She/I survived...


  • From time to time when the managers were out of the van, possum and her colleagues all placed their fingers in the bainmarrie trying to quickly warm it.
  • When that was impossible, we placed our fingers on the outside of the cookers (yes those cookers r definately warm)
  • Or, we would volunteer to wash dishes. Hello!! we wash dishes with HOT water
  • Overall, the possum had the best job, she got to frothe milk, that kept her fingers nice n warm


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