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Friday, June 23, 2006

Swan Lake on Ice

I had the pleasure of treating myself yesterday.... ahahah

I manage to watch swan lake on ice.

It was so beautiful.

The stage was so small, and with all those cast on it, i had a secret desire for one of them too fall off.
How mean, come on, don't tell me none of you ever think that!!!

Anyway, one guy, didn't fall off but instead made a hole on the ice. In one of his twirls/spins. It was that bad that they had to bring the curtains down so they could quickly fix it. The director introduced himself, and apologized and explained the prob. I was secretly laughing in my head, HA HA HA. (Reason i was laughing (I have to justify myself), this particular character wasn't as serious as the rest, and it just annoyed me. He was playing a fool on stage, he kept forgetting his steps. It was so obvious he had forgotten his steps)

Anyway, must give the rest of the cast credit, they were really good, the performers between them have won over 200 competition medals.


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