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"...whom shall I fear, when You're right here beside me

Saturday, July 16, 2005


Me friends can't say my as its not only my friend but eileen's friend to. Come to think of it, she's much closer to them than i am. U know me, same ol same ol couldn't be bothered to make an effort. It tis so sad ... To all my friends out there, thanks for bearing with all my crap. I know i'm full of it at times.

Anyway we have friends down from brisbane .... it's time to eat eat eat .... with the cold weather it's hard to stop eating.

Monday we (eileen, steph, her two cuz and i) will be taking a drive down the coastal route. Heading to warnabool, through great ocean road. The unfortunate part about Aust is when renting a car, you want to pay less and the only way is to have a driver who is 25 and above so we can pay less insuarance. Guess who's driving? Looking fwd to the trip but not the long drive. Bought lots of chocs and chips to keep me going :)

I can't wait for winter to end .... it's just tooooooooooooo ****** cold.


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