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"...whom shall I fear, when You're right here beside me

Sunday, June 26, 2005


I'm so tired.....had an exhaustic weekend. Worked whole day friday half day sat, then rushed over to the comedy club. Threw a surprise party for my housemate....Eileen....then of course we told her we the four other friends said, we were to throw into the Yarra river....we have been teasing her the whole month. We told her the surprose was to throw her into the yarra river.

Anyway today attended two services....choir in the morning then on back up vocal in the evening....anyway...the whole purpose of my blog tonight is not about me but about BEN.

Its his birthday tomorrow, the 27 so just wanna wish him ....HAPPPY BIRTHDAY....woo hooo....couldn't be bothered to call....anyway...blogging it is not cheap...it cost: effort + time + thought = a lot of love a friend can offer....:)

Love ya heeps... as a sis... Benjo punba cheah :)


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