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Saturday, June 04, 2005

Do i have tooooo

I just finished one assignment not so long ago, that particular assignment drained me out. I can't bring myself to do the next one, but i have to, i need to push myself.

Come on tiara...u can do it. Well i have no choice but to do it. Considering it's worth 50%. Sigh!!!!

Assignment is due on thursday, PleNty of time, not when u have what i have install....it's not enough time.

This is the last week for Mama Mia....yes i'm going, going alone....sad, sad, but true. Will be going on wed night. Which is the second last night...sooo....that doesn't leave me much tyme wif my assignment.

Week planner...

Tomorrow : Dinner with Boss, me is making Paella...spanish dish
MOn: no plans yet, just work in the arvo for two hours
Tues: work in the arvo for two hours, and choir prac ....
Wed: work whole day.... need to swap shifts, night...MAMA MIA here i come
Thurs: SUBMIT me assignment
Fri: FReeDom can't wait

Now: just finished my shower, sipping a hot cuppa tea (blackcurrant flavour), listening to Cullum...how soothing.

Fav soung from his album: I could have dance all night....absolutely fantastic


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