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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Have you seen this????

It's interesting how you see this all the time but never look at it twice. What am i talking about???

Last night I worked in food van for the very first time....how did i get the job, friend of mine kinda told her boss/ that i could make coffee, and he was looking for someone who could make coffee...convenient huh! so oh well...that's how i got in, with no interview I was thrown to this 'food van'. This vans i'm referring to are located at stadiums and outdoor events. Aussies are very fond of their footy, so with no doubt these vans do really well.

The van i was in, sold jam donuts, dim sims, calamari rings, chicken strips, hot dogs and coffee.

I have never made so many coffee's in a night, it's no joke. I asked my manager, how would he rate tonight? would what we had be considered as busy or not. And he replied, oh that was QUIET....quiet....quiet ( i kept repeating that word in my head) he must be joking if he consideres this quiet, i thought it was ***** busy. Well spent half the night making coffee...as the temperature gradually dropped, the crowd were no longer interested in coffee, now they wanted donuts. All i did was just collect money from every angle, not sure if i even punched in half the orders...though i know i did...sigh!!!! what ta nite.

Came home smelling like a big fat donut....eeeeiiiiiiuuuuuuuu :)


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