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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Old News --- Tuesday on the way to church, I got stuck in the lift, and man it was not funny. I tried to be calm, and smart at the same time; instead of pressing the alarm, i decided to call my roomie. While waiting for her to pick up the phone i pressed all the numbers in the lift hoping it will atleast open on one of the floors. Anyway, to cut it short, roomie was not answering the phone, i started to panic, when she did i was near to histaric....and thsnk God the lift decided to move down one floor and i took the stairs from there. That was an experience.

Today, Slept in half the day, went to werk, then to tute, and after that shopping for art thingys. I found this cheap art place in QV called Art Riot's and bought 48 oil pastels for 12wish and 36 colours for 3ish. To me it was a good bargain, but sigh now to start on my poster.

Anyone out there willing to do it for me, is most welcome :)


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